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About Us

The Criarq was founded in August of 1998, with large knowledge in methodology adjusted to the Systems. The Grupo Criarq has been showing results since its foundation, developing solutions for Management and Storage of Active and Inactive files, thus transforming large volumes of paper into information that is processed and made available in real time.

Grupo Criarq is formed by the companies: Criarq Serviços and Criarq Sistemas. Criarq Serviços focuses on taking the right methodology for your company and developing innovative solutions for Document Management. Criarq Sistemas manages the system that will be applied to your company, thus adapting the best integrated solution with its documentation.

We are the only Brazilian company in the industry with a Code of Ethics and is strongly committed to compliance, thus ensuring our ethical commitment. In 2017, Grupo Criarq became a signatory of the UN Global Compact.

We operate throughout the Brazilian territory and also obtain visualization in Latin America, in which it is already recognized by Latin American Quality and The Quality Awards Winner through awards, as the Best Company of Management of Brazilian Files.

The organization brings life to the documentation. We act in the chaos of the companies bringing order and being part of this milestone of change.


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Criarq Courses

The dissemination of knowledge is also part of our mission!

Grupo Criarq transmits knowledge through Courses, Lectures and Workshops, that can be realized within our facility or in company.

Our founding partner, who comes from the educational field, always had an active involvement in this area. With the development of the projects of organization and management of archives, our educational work was restricted to the internal employees, but with the creation of Grupo Criarq we promoted this educational area, instrumentalizing and inspiring companies and people in the art of the organization.

Our experience and expertise show us how much it is possible to improve the reality of companies and people with methodologies and systems of organization. We are currently, in the business and innovation segment, the Best File Management Company, which enables us to transmit technological and innovative knowledge.

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