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“The SOLARQ system is the most innovative, practical and modern file control and information storage system for scanned documents that Votorantim has used in the last few years.
In addition to easy handling and retrieval of information, SOLARQ System adds to safely archive documents quickly and easily.”

Cláudia Lucas Fellippin e Silvia Cardoso

Votorantim Participações S.A. (client since 2006)

“The SOLARQ system provides us with higher speed in auditing and oversight, allows us to manage the stages of work and measure the deadline for completion and presentation to stakeholders.
In addition, it provides security for information available, restricting access according to the users’ needs.”

Fabio Cavalcante dos Santos

Thales International Brasil Ltda. (client since 2015)

“We, from Estamparia Industrial ARATELL Ltda, are thankful for the dedication and promptness of the company CRIARQ, our partner since 2002, in the implantation of physical organization and systems of our archive (active and inactive). CRIARQ undoubtedly treasures the professionalism and respect for customers.”

Regiane Borges

Estamparia Industrial ARATELL Ltda. (client since 2002)

“I work with Criarq Team since August 2005, always attentive and helpful in the services provided to the OABSP Human Resources Department.”

Sebastião Borges

Human Resources Department of OAB – SP (client since 1999)

“SOLARQ is a practical system and with many easiness for information insertion. However, the key differential is the accurate and quick retrieval of documents.”

Solange Simões


“Criarq is easy to work, fast, with no unnecessary bureaucracy, a fast company, who understands the customer’s needs. Often we have urgent needs that are promptly met by Criarq.
I can mention a service provided by Criarq that I particularly like, the disposal of old documents. Very well executed, very well documented. We use the material even to show to Sweden how we manage our archive.
I can say that Nynas is very happy with the service that Criarq provides.”

Ricardo Chrispim

Nynas do Brasil Comércio Serviços e Participações LTDA. (client since 2005)

“I can say that SGED is a system that allows the availability of real-time queries via the Internet, enabling control and speed in routines in our CDOC department. The benefits and results are positive, where I will mention some:
Ease of access to the information location of a document (using keyword) this streamlines the process of the query and access scanned content, thus giving convenience and speed to the company’s employees. Document loans with protocols giving security with who the documents are.
Generates management reports, leaving you free to assemble and choose fields e bases, the loan reports facilitate the collection of the borrowed documents that generate the report of the system itself and can be sent to the email of the applicants who are registered later in the pick list, allows to assemble reports with the deadlines for disposal of documents.
Ahhh… about the labels, they are sensational! The system itself generates the labels of individual folders / boxes / documents, searching for information that was fed into the system, and more, it even generates barcode labels making it easy to borrow and return documents quickly, with good visualization.
The system allows you to insert electronic documents and scanned images with perfect visualization.
Well, after talking about how SGED works, it has the time and productivity gain, in the view of the archivist the file is organized, both physical and virtual, because everything that is organized makes its location easier and thus gaining time.
It reduces the risk of loss of information and documents, as they are carried out daily by Criarq.
The system does not usually fail, it has a good performance, is clear and simple to use.
I conclude that the SGED system is a facilitator tool in the day to day of the CDOC, without it today I cannot work. I Recommend, recommend and recommend !!! Excellent and meets the expectations of the Documentation Center of Aparecido Viana Imóveis.”

laine Cristina da Silva e Regiane Rodrigues Motta

Aparecido Viana Imóveis (client since 2004)